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Everyone who writes a master should know about this
Do you write a thesis? Suppose yes, if you read this. Are you interested in what your master should have? We’ll tell you right away. Credibility. However, you will find out what is hidden under this word in the article.

Credibility, that is, credibility, is often addressed in the media. Your final work is also a medium – your thoughts, hypotheses and facts that you present are stored in it. That’s why you want them to be trusted. We have a few tips for you to give your job more credibility.

Work with verified data

If you rely on data from unverified sources to prove hypotheses, you undermine your own work. When defending her, the Commission will easily question you and you will not be able to argue her own conclusions. The easiest way to get verified and relevant data is to collect them. There is really no problem at the time of social networks, applications and smartphones.

So create a simple questionnaire on Google Forms. I’m sure he’ll be tempting you to make him a few-page. However, the sad fact is: the more parties, the less completed questionnaires. Think carefully about which questions are really important to your hypotheses and which you may omit. If the questionnaire completes faster, you will also increase the number of responses.

If your questionnaire is polished, it’s time to start spreading it. Just head for Facebook, probably already on it, like most student writing books. Find suitable groups for your topic or department. Are you studying marketing? Medicine? The law? Agriculture? For each department you will find well-informed and lay pages and groups where you can publish your questionnaire with a request for completion.

Find your local mentor

The trainer does not have to be the only person with whom you work. If you find a suitable mentor from your department who is willing to help you with the final work, use this chance. Especially when it comes to a person who is well-known in his work.

Thanks to an experienced mentor, you have come to years of experience that the books may not give you – they are based on real practice in your surroundings or conditions. It is certainly interesting to include in the master thesis the findings of an American marketer who has addressed the campaign of 50 million consumers. But what relevance does his experience have for a student who targets one tenth of this market, with completely different shopping preferences and habits?

Of course, if your work is conceived globally, you don’t have to limit yourself to local experience. In that case, you can glimpse something completely different – a foreign mentor’s ass. You will not give anything for the attempt and if you happen to hear from you, the commission will remain in your astonishment.

Sometimes credibility is not enough. You may forget the proper formalization, perhaps you may not be able to express your thoughts in the form that academic work would require. But there is always a solution. We also offer such solutions – if you need help, write to us.