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How to write a letter of recommendation for a student

A letter of recommendation is crucial when applying for a chance in a college or job opening.

So the letter needs to be positive and honest to help the student stand out from the other applications. Here are some of the ideas to help you help a student:

Ask for the student’s academic information.

You need first to have a look at the student’s academic performance before you start drafting the letter. This gives you an idea of their area of strength and how you can use it to paint a positive image about them. Remember, the last thing you want is to sound like a liar who is recommending someone unbeknown to you. So, don’t say that the student is a high performer in an area in which he is actually the weakest. If the student is applying for a job, then it would better if you asked for his resume. Like academic documents, this gives you an overall idea of his achievements, allowing you to recommend them accordingly.

Address the letter appropriately

To whom is the letter being sent? Find paramountessays.com this out from the student and makes sure it is sent to the right address and department. Address them by their titles and name if possible. This increases the student’s chances as the concerned authority might be pleased by how personalized the letter is. If the student has no clue of who the letter is being sent to, then it should be delivered to the human resource manager in that institution. Regardless of what you do, be careful not to address it to the right http://www.ics.uci.edu/~fielding/pubs/dissertation/software_arch.htm office as it might never reach book report writing help the targeted person(s).

Introduce yourself

Who are you, and how is the student related to you? Write it all down without sounding like you are doing the student a favor. Colleges know that some of these letters are from relatives and friends who purport to be the student’s employers or someone in a position of authority. Sound fake, and the letter will be treated as nothing but a fake. You might have to include an office stamp just to prove your identity as a trusted and reliable authority.

You also need to provide examples to support your claims of the student’s qualifications and ability. For instance, you can talk about their skills in sports and participation in volunteer activities. All these can be found in the student’s resume or academic documents.

Have a strong conclusion

Conclude by restating the student’s abilities and why you believe they should be considered for a chance in the institution. You should also declare your availability to respond to more questions about the student. Provide contact information through which the institution can reach you for these questions.

Follow this guideline step by step, and you will have saved the future of your student. While doing it, try not to oversell the student as this might be sound too unreal. All in all, be real but keen not to make a costly error.