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How Can Literacy Be Achieved for All?

Tricks on How to Achieve Literacy for All

Literary advocates and experts have met in Oxford a couple of times to discuss how global literacy can be advanced. Irrespective of the recent technological advancements, the level of https://www.essaycapital.com/book-reports/ literacy is still a prevalent issue that is crowded by several misconceptions and myths.

Many organizations have campaigned in the name of what we call “Sustainable Development†to help the youths and a significant proportion of men and women to achieve numeracy and literacy by a few decades to come. Experts have warned that despite the rate of literacy advancing over the past few years, the progress is not impressive.

3 Ways of Achieving Global Literacy

About 1 million people around the world still lack basic writing and reading skills. However, this doesn’t mean that the remaining population has wholly achieved the desired level of literacy. So, the big question remains: “How can literacy rate be advanced for all?†Here are three critical ways in which the literacy level can be enhanced among the young and the adult generation.

  • Focus on adult learning

For a long time now, funding agencies sponsoring education have concentrated on educating the young generation while ignoring the adults. However, literacy programs are also relevant to the older generation. When adult literacy is maintained, it will be enough to stress the significance of maintaining literacy levels onto the next generation.

  • Teach using the native language

In most developing countries, lessons are done using the English, French or Italian language. Although it is not a bad idea to learn any foreign language, it is essential to have full command of your native language. Taking lessons using your native language helps to advance your comprehension skills, which also advances your literacy competency. For instance, Indian students take lessons in the English language, but not all of them effectively comprehend what they read.

  • Focus on advancing reading skills

In college, books are handed out, but professors forget to foster the love for reading. Although the emphasis on telling https://faculty.harvard.edu/publishing stories through word of mouth is essential to maintain cultural heritage, there is a college paper for sale need to embrace the idea of reading books. The level of literacy is determined by whether people can read and write. Although listening skills are mostly taught in most development programs, getting to know how to read is an essential competency that will help society to achieve literacy.

Create Awareness to Help Achieve Literacy

To achieve a world-class level of literacy, society should be willing to appreciate their native language and focus on comprehending it fully. Apart from that, sharpening your reading and writing skills helps to understand written materials. Apart from that, many educative materials are published online, and it can only be beneficial to people if they can read it. So, to achieve literacy levels for all, schools have to stress on teaching students how to read and comprehend written content.