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Can the thesis be written in a week?

Do you already have a master written? How long did it take you? Perhaps we all had a classmate or a classmate who kept his last-minute responsibilities and then tried to “question and forecast” to see if a thesis could be written for a couple days or whether he is trying to learn for the exam. Is it real?

  • Weekly master Work
  • We will not pull you unnecessarily – yes, you can write a master in a week. In addition to the correct star constellation, other factors will also have to play in your cards:
  • VERY benevolent trainer
  • excellent knowledge of the issue
  • easy resource availability
  • money for express printing and possibly print preference
  • Depending on the school, also count on the bureaucracy that can wait for you in the study department and which can extend the upload itself by a few days. Page Days simply won’t let …

Let’s take a look at the different factors and what can happen if you don’t have them.

Benevolent trainer

First of all, let’s say who is a benevolent trainer. It is NOT a trainer who coughs for your work. Such a trainer is not benevolent but unprofessional. If this person gives you the freedom to write – and pass – work, it will be because he has confidence in your ability. But you have to get this trust first, so if you are one of the unknown students, you probably won’t go to the trainer.

Knowledge of the issue

You meet this point, especially if you work or work in an industry or field. Practical master work is a huge ace in the sleeve and can push into the pocket a vague stiffness of rounded notes and phrases.

Warning: do not mislead. Sometimes it happens that your commission is made up of people who do not have as much information about the subject as you do. However, one expert is enough, and your conclusions based on shaky foundations spill.

Resource availability

A little more challenging factor. Even if you have industry experience and experience, the resource can be exhausting. All the more so as some commissions and opponents do not recognize digital resources such as blogs, articles or reports published online. Of course, if you have a library about your union at home, you have no problem.


The printing of master theses is seasonal business. Most students will wake up for the last month and flock to the printers. The most heavily used are branches and chains of copycenters, which often do not offer quality processing.

For smaller, family businesses, you get a more honest and non-massive to craft approach to tying, but their capacity is limited. Therefore, if you are dealing with the link of your master work to the last minute, prepare some extra “ducats”.

Take no risk and prepare yourself

Even if you meet all the points, you never know what’s coming in your way. It may not be a serious event, only waves of stress can come quietly. They will affect you, they will slow down and you will suddenly realize that you are not catching up.

Maybe you are already affected by stress. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal – it means you don’t take your master work lightly. And that’s good, because the master thesis shouldn’t be tacky. If you need advice, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.