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Master thesis and stress: how not to be derailed when writing

Whether a conscientious student who plans everything honestly or, on the contrary, one who keeps everything at the last moment, both have something in common. Stress. There are a number of factors that influence us when writing and one of the biggest is nervousness. How to fight it?

Both the brain and the body need energy

If you accidentally give a marathon in writing a thesis, do not forget about food and food supplements. It is said that ginkgo is a student tea and to some extent it is true. Although several students tend to have an energy drink, ginkgo is a more natural way to keep an eye on. It does not have explicitly encouraging effects, but it promotes blood circulation, which many associate with better attention and memory improvement.

If you want to avoid energy drinks, you can also get a good coffee. Students also recommend grape sugar. Fructose ranks among fast sugars, the body quickly digests it – after digestion you may be tired, so we would not overdo it with grape sugar.

The best way to maintain enough energy is to eat well, to receive caffeine (or taurine) only in a reasonable amount and not forget sunlight.

If you write a master thesis only at night, it is clear that you often feel tired, maybe even sadness, and your mood is freezing. Sunlight helps in the body to create serotonin, which affects the process of sleep, thermoregulation and even mental state. Therefore, set aside a few hours a day for writing during the morning or in the morning.

A healthy spirit in a healthy body

Sounds like advice to the old mother, right? But our old moms were right and one of those timeless truths is that movement is important to health – and not just physical but also mental health.

With regular movement, dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is excreted in our body, affecting stress levels and well-being. It doesn’t mean you have to lift iron in the gym 3 times a week (of course, if you do it and enjoy it, don’t stop!). To begin with, a longer walk a few times a week is enough, maybe a shorter jogging or a swimming hour.

With physical activity you will come up with other ideas and, according to some claims, increased levels of dopamine should also be signed on your intentional and willingness to create something. This looks like an ideal state for writing a thesis!

Engage your brain with other activity
Writing work and studying resources is not always fun. Give brain and other intellectual activity. For example, reading.

Also work with a master thesis

Even a master thesis can help you get a job after school. We have some tips for you to use it after leaving the campus.

Contemporary college students, especially those studying the humanities, often complain about the vicious circle they are stuck in: I don’t have a job because I have no experience. I have no experience because I don’t have a job.

A vicious circle of current graduates

How can we get out of this vicious circle? If you’re a graduate, you have a little less choices. If you are still studying and your spending is lower thanks to student discounts, you can still take the opportunity to pursue somewhere. Traineeships are often unpaid or students receive only “small” ones that will cover travel costs at most. However, the experience and know-how they receive for free is essential, and that is definitely worth it.

However, graduates have to face the stress that comes with the life of an adult. Sooner or later, they will not be able to rely on contributions from their parents, and occasional brigades will no longer be enough to finance life after college. In order not to be a college killed only for 5 years of life, they probably start looking for a job in the industry they studied.

Let’s stay in the humanities because they are the ones most affected by this stalemate. The Humanities graduate faces huge competition in search of. If he has not studied a specific focus and is not a “shortage of goods”, he will compete for one place with most of his classmates and other school students.

At first glance, the thesis does not fit into this scenario, but let’s explain its contribution to life after school a little more in detail.

Use the thesis even after the defense

Taking a master thesis to shelf is a common practice for graduates. But it is a serious pity for quality work. If a student cares about it, it contains a lot of information that can help him to become visible in the kick-off of competing CVs.

If you are wondering how a master thesis might help you, first try the correctness test. Is the topic you decide to process related to the job you claim to be? If you answer yes, do not even think about any of these tips.

If you used information in a master thesis from a company in which you would like to work, and ideally remember it in thank you, you will definitely send them an electronic version. It can open the door for the interview.

Process the most interesting facts from your master thesis into visual form. You can use them in the letter of motivation you send along with your CV.

Create a simple website that will work with your master work data. It sounds more complicated than it really is – thanks to systems like WordPress, you can very easily click through a presentation web with drag & drop style.

Use a presentation from the defense or create a new presentation with your master data and upload it online, for example to SlideShare. You can then use it on your LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have one, be sure to create one) or add it to an email, cover letter, or CV.

These are just a few tips on how to use your master work after your studies. We believe that they have inspired you a little and when you think about it, you may find more options.